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Concrete mixer

A range of construction equipment

Complete Range of Construction Equipment for Your Project

When you start a construction project, you'll need durable equipment. The skidsteers, trenchers,  and tillers you use should be of top quality. Buying these can be very expensive, so rent them instead! Also, you don't have to worry about the hassle of storing it once you're done.

Multi-purpose tools for you

  • Air compressors

  • Concrete mixers and tools

  • Demolition equipment

  • Diamond bits and blades

  • Welding equipment

Beautify your landscape using our landscaping tools

A construction project could take days or weeks to finish. Rent all the equipment you need for that duration. Use our weekly and monthly rental plan to your advantage. You can also get trailers and trucks on rent. Rely on us for the most effective deals in Huntington Beach, CA.

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Are you dealing with an aerial project? Rent all the lifting equipment you need from Huntington Valley Tool Rental. You get rentals for man lifts, ladders, and scaffolding when you get in touch with us. Call us today at 714-964-4556.