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Landscaping tools for your home

Transform Your Landscape With Effective Landscaping Tools

Whether you're laying a new sod for your lawn or trimming your hedges, you'll need the right tools for it. Walk into Huntington Valley Tool Rental to rent sod cutters and hedge clippers to help you do the job perfectly! You can take a look at the other lawn and garden tools we have while you're at it.

Other landscaping equipment you can use

  • Building tools

  • Compaction equipment

  • Drill press

  • Grinders, chippers or tillers

  • Power hammers

  • Power tools

  • Wet and dry vacuum

  • Sod cutter

  • Roto tiller

  • Aerator

  • Dethatcher

  • Sod roller trencher

Take a look at the rental equipment we have

Need power tools for a week or month? With Huntington Valley Tool Rental, you can rent them on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your requirement. Visit us at 17191 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach, and let us help you pick the right tools for your landscaping project.

We believe in being a "no fee, no fuss" business. You get flat rates on our tools

Call Us for Durable Power Tools.

If you have a fireplace at home and need a log splitter to split firewood, rent one from us. Call us today at 714-964-4556.